3rd and 4th Activities

November & December 2016

3rd and 4th have been very busy recently. We are partaking in the Leaf (Learning About Forests) programme where 33 Limerick schools have been choosen to learn about forests, through a structured approach. On December 8th we had a visit from Seán Hartigan from An Taisce and we explored our immediate surroundings. This wil be followed with a trip to Curraghchase Forest Park in Spring something we are really looking forward to. Of course all this knowledge will add to our work on biodiversity as we work towards our 5th Green Flag for the school.

4th maths have done a lot of work on decimals and fractions recently and have been working with notation boards.

In looking and responding to art we have examined the work of Andy Warhol and attempted our own Andy Warhol inspired prints.

In P.E. for the month of December 3rd and 4th have been busy dancing.