Gaelic Football

September & October 2019

September has been a busy month in Fifth & Sixth class with the class settling back into school and beginning work on many new areas of the curriculum. The class participated in a number of activities throughout the month from science experiments to GAA sessions, to Art projects as well as some History project research based on the Ancient Mayans and team teaching in Maths and English. They have worked on their team skills in many of these areas, here is just a snapshot of what they have been doing.

The class have prepared some Oola flags and support posters to cheer on and support Oola in the upcoming County Final. They did some paper weaving to achieve this finished product.

Science is a big part of primary school life and they carried out a few different experiments throughout the month investigating fungi, working on their co-operative and engineering skills.

Children love the challenge and enjoy co-operative tasks

Winning team displayed team work and good listening skills. Well done boys and girls

Groups working during literacy Stations. Both classes love the active nature of Station teaching and it provides them with variety and small group instruction for English.

Fifth Class pupils construction the various books of the Old & New Testament for the Bible during Religion time.

Each class member was assigned  a team to research a History project on the Ancient Mayans after the class had studied the Mayans during September. They compiled their research and presented their findings to the class.

Sample of our Art from September, we have focused on Construction and working on their imagination and creativity skills.