5th and 6th class activities

September to December 2017

It has been a busy term in Fifth & Sixth class, they have been to two musical shows in Tipperary, they have participated in multiple strands of the curriculum from decimals to fractions, conjugating verbs as Gaeilge, station teaching in English, many writing genres, multiple topics have been discussed in SESE & many more class based lessons. 

The class also participated in lots of drama & music this term as they prepared for their whole school musical production. Their enthusiasm & drive ensured a super performance at each show & they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

They  participated in many art competitions & art strands such as drawing, painting & fabric & fibre. The class designed their own unique Christmas jumpers in the final week of term & they wore these to school on the day of the holidays. There was a lot of creativity on display. Well done!