a look inside our Classrooms

March 2019

A small selection of what has been happening in our rooms this month.

Congratulations to Second class for receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on March 12th with Fr. Morris. 
The pupils enjoyed a visit from Mary O' Grady who shared a bee collecting nectar from a flower. We also looked at some other insects in our school environment. 
We are growing a herb garden in our classroom. We are growing basil, mint and watercress. Watch this space. 
We are learning how to write reports this month. We enjoyed writing about spiders and ice cream. 


3rd and 4th were busy with St. Patricks Day art activities involving paint and colour. They had student teacher Ms. Rachel Deegan for the month. In Geography they learned lots about Japan. In history they looked at the life of Leif Erikson.


Fifth & Sixth Class have had a very March & April, during these past few weeks both classes have been very busy working on their core class work whilst also undertaking the Our World Irish Aid Awards project. They partook in team teaching for English daily where each child read a novel, learned how to use the Book Creator app & applied their persuasive writing skills to write debate speeches. They also participated in the FAI Soccer tournament, Mini 7’s, swimming & table quizzes to name just a few items. They completed some lovely art creations also.