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Enrolment Form

September 2018

School Calendar 2017-18

Oola National School Policies

Child Safeguarding Statement

Anti-bullying policy

Attendance policy

Code of Behaviour / Discipline policy

Enrolment policy

Parental Complaints policy

Homework information for parents

Whole School Evaluation Report

14th January 2016

Booklists for 2017- 2018

Junior Infants

Senior Infants

1st class

2nd class

3rd class

4th class

5th class

6th class

Your Child in the Primary School, Tips For Parents

(Booklet by the INTO, the Irish National Teachers' Organisation to give parents an understanding of the modern primary school and how it works.)

The What, Why and How Of Childrens Learning in Primary School

(Booklet by the NCCA, the National Council For Curriculum and Assessment, to help parents to support their childs learning at home and in school, with information for each class level.)

Don't Let Your Child Miss Out

(Booklet by the NEWB, the National Education Welfare Board on the role parents play in ensuring that their child does not miss out on his or her education.)

Parents Guide To A Better Internet

(This booklet will help parents to help their children have a positive experience when they are online. It provides information, advice and conversation starters about the benefits and risks they need to be aware of when using the internet. Topics explored in the guide include cyberbullying, screen time, sexting, social media and online pornography.)


Below are some links parents may find useful in supporting their child in primary school.

(Developed as part of the National Strategy to Improve Literacy & Numeracy. It was launched in September 2012 and is designed for parents of children 0 to 12 years with ideas to help them learn everyday.)

(The NCCA, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment has developed a number of resources to help parents support their childs learning in primary school)

(The Department of Education and Skills official portal for Irish education. The website acts as a support to teachers, students and parents and contains thousands of resources)

(Website of the Irish Internet Safety Centre, provides an online collection of internet safety resources.)

(This website has been developed by the public libraries service. It provides lots of activities on history, geography and science broken down into class levels.)