Grandparents Day

30th January 2019

As part of Catholic Schools Week, we celebrated Grandparents Day on Wednesday, January 30th. It was truly a very special day in the school. Children were so excited to have their grandparents visit them in school and we hope the grandparents enjoyed themselves too. Grannies and Grandads popped in to see lots of activities in the classrooms and of course they lent a helping hand! Then it was down to the halla for a prayer service and to finish music and song from young and not so young alike! These are the days our boys and girls remember in school and we really appreciate the trouble grandparents took to be with us on a snowy day in Oola with people travelling from near and far. We were left in no doubt as to how special grandparents are in our boys and girls lives. A special word of thanks to our Parents Council Mams for providing the refreshments.