Irish Aid Projects

April 2019

This year for the first time pupils from 3rd to 6th decideded to enter the Irish Aid Our World Awards. Our World Awards is an annual awards programme for Irish pupils from third to sixth class. Pupils work to present a project, exploring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the work of Irish Aid.The Our World Awards seek to enable pupils to learn about the lives of children and their families in developing countries and how Ireland, through Irish Aid, and 192 other countries in the United Nations are working together to create a safer and fairer world, and a better future for all the world’s children. Pupils as global citizens can play their part by taking part in the Awards and engaging with these issues. The Awards help Irish pupils and to understand the links between their lives and the lives of children and their families in developing countries. Taking part in the Awards gives primary school pupils an opportunity to explore development topics and the work of Irish Aid. this year's theme is "Leave No One Behind", which asks pupils nationwide to think about how they can transform the world through the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. For more information on the awards click here.
5th and 6th class have learned many new skills during their project work such as how to create a Powerpoint presentation, practiced their public speaking during school presentation, used their artistic skills to create posters for their awareness campaign, analysed & summarized the information to assess their findings, worked in pairs, small groups & as a whole class to collate the facts & much more.They learned about the work of the United Nations & how they provide humanitarian aid & development assistance to countries that are less developed than Ireland. They also learned about the 17 Global Goals developed by the UN 193 countries. They researched various goals & after much class discussion, we narrowed the focus to “Responsible Consumption & Production” (Global Goal 12). This goal is very relevant to our world as we live in a society permeated with plastic. It is only when we stop & think about this, we truly see how much we depend on this product. However, Fifth & Sixth class began to think about how we can be more responsible with plastic especially single-use plastic. We distributed a newsletter highlighting some surprising items that contain plastic & there are some photos to follow to show our presentation day. Finally, the class re-wrote the lyrics to George Ezra’s Shotgun song to further add to their project. This video is worth watching!

3rd and 4th class looked at the eight countries Ireland is partnered with through Irish Aid. Irelands approach to working at country level has been to concentrate the majority of our resources for long-term development on a small number of partner countries. This way we can have a bigger impact and see real improvements on the ground for poor people and communities. We have eight partner countries seven in Africa; Ethiopia Malawi Mozambique Tanzania Uganda Zambia Sierra Leone and one in Asia; Vietnam. Each group in our class decided to concentrate on one country, to learn more about the country. Each group produced a digital book using the Book Creator App on our ipads. The children researched their country, compiled a fact box, compared it with Ireland, located it on a map and found its flag and examined some of the problems the country faces. As well as learning lots about the country we researched, we also worked on out IT skills as we included photos, drawings, voice recordings and text in our digital books. We collated the eight books into one entry for the awards.

To read our book click here