November and December in 3rd and 4th

20th December 2019

Its been a busy two months in 3rd and 4th. Of course our school show took up a lot of our time but what a worthwhile experience it was. We all thoroughly enjoyed the production from beginning to the final curtain. We packed in lots of other things also. In art we worked on Christmas decorations. We also looked at print and tried our hand at pulled string art. In maths we learned about fractions and played lots of fraction games. We worked on symmetry and examined letter symmetry using mirrors. In P.E. we did a healthy heart circuit, which we will repeat throughout the year to see if our scores improve. In history we worked on games and past times of the past - we learned to play card games Beggar My Neighbour and Old Maid. In geography and science we learned about the sun and the solar system. On the final day of term we played board games and met the man himself - Santa!