Science Fair, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

January 19th, 2017

On Thursday January 19th fifth & sixth class travelled to Mary Immaculate College in Limerick to visit the Primary Science Exhibition.  Both classes were enthralled with some of the projects & findings from the excursion. Much inspiration was provided from the day with many budding scientists emerging from our trip. 

We have listed some of their discovers & facts below along with some photos of the class on their outing.


Always keep toothbrush in your bedroom as the moisture in the bathroom leads to germ buildup & contamination.
Co2 levels in classroom; Keep room ventilated, co2 levels rising leads to headaches, dizziness & can even lead to breathing difficulties.
Blue was found to be the best colour to read from after survey of 200 people.
Blue whales heart is the size of a car.
Humans have 90% of their nerves in their brain. However, the octopus has only 30% of their nerves in their brain & remaining 70% are throughout their body, they have 3 hearts.
Sperm whale is the biggest meat eater on earth, it's 25m long. It has the largest brain on earth, it's nose is full of wax. Before oil was extracted from ground all wax used came from whales nose. Whales dive down into the ocean when they have drained all the blood from their nose, wax gets very hard & therefore aids whale in diving 1000's of metres into the ocean, it's completely dark deep below sea level & therefore they use echo location to find their way around.
Whale poo is used to make perfume.
Deepest point on earth 11000m, only 3 people have been there, submarines usually travel 320m deep, water pressure is so deep, one would be turned into smoothie within seconds.
550 people have gone into space but only 5% of ocean has been explored.