Christmas Art

December 2018

There have been lots of busy hands in Oola N.S. over the past month engaged in all sorts of Christmas art and craft activities. The school looks terrific with all the creations on display. Here is a selection of the various Christmas  activities that have been happening in all classes during December. The class have worked on many of the art strands & skills among other subjects.

5th and 6th have created Christmas portraits based on their Christmas memories, utilizing  their drawing skills. They integrated Maths into their construction of 3 Dimensional Christmas trees & stars. This activity requires lot of symmetry & precision. They worked on the fabric & fibre strand to create a Christmas nativity scene made from felt. Finally, each child designed a Christmas jumper & they are very proud of their creations.

 3rd and 4th made lollipop stick cribs. They used print to make a Christmas wreath. They also made a paper strip and a paper weaving Christmas tree.